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your weekly workout

Welcome to your weekly creative workout brought to you by our coaching experts at brainsparker.

Here's what is included:
  • Introducing the creative mindset for this week - "pioneer"
  • Exploring the "creative visualization" process 
  • Applying this technique to 3 different scenarios
  • Inspiring you with some questions, a quote and #mybrainsparker challenge

So let's get started!

creative mindset for the week:

The focus word for this week is "pioneer."

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a pioneer is "a person or group that originates or helps open up a new line of thought or activity, or a new method or technical development."
It can also be a verb, "to open or prepare for others to follow," or "to originate or take part in the development of."

  • Who were the pioneers of your industry or area of interest?
  • What qualities did they have?
  • How did they overcome obstacles?

  • How could you be more pioneering this year?
  • What areas are ripe for new developments?

strengthen your creative ability:
creative visualization

Great creative pioneers such as Walt Disney, Elon Musk and J.K. Rowling all had very clear visions of what they wanted to create.

In fact Walt Disney is quoted as saying, "if you can dream it, you can do it."

His vision for an "experimental prototype community" turned into Disney World.

Elon Musk’s original dream in 2001 for landing a miniature experimental greenhouse on Mars, has now evolved into Space X and the vision to establish a human colony by 2040.

And J.K. Rowling’s idea for a story of a young boy called Harry Potter attending a school of wizardry, came fully formed into her mind. 

This is the power of vision and dreams.

So let's develop your visioning abilities.

creative visualization process:

In this short 5 min video clip, John Assaraf explains his process for creative visualization.

The key points are to:

  • take a goal and imagine that you're already achieved it
  • first, visualize it as "you" (i.e. in the first person)
  • secondly, visualize it in the "third person" where you're seeing yourself  in the experience
  • pay attention to the little details, rather than the big picture
  • tap into what it feels like for you as go through this experience
  • connect with your senses; what you're hearing, seeing, smelling, touching, tasting

coaching technique:

Close your eyes and fast forward into the future to a time when you've achieved your vision or goal.

  • what are you seeing around you?
  • what are people saying to you?
  • how are you feeling about yourself?
  • how are you feeling about the impact you, or your project, is having?
  • how do you feel in your physical body?
  • what can you smell?
  • what can you taste?
  • what can you touch?
  • what are you most proud of?
  • what advice do you have for your current self?

develop your creative agility:

Spend the next 15 minutes practicing the creative visualization process for these three scenarios:

warm up:
What will you wear tomorrow?

scenario 1:
Think about a project you're working on. Develop a compelling vision for achieving amazing success with this project.

scenario 2:
Think about an obstacle you're facing. Develop a compelling vision for how you've overcome this obstacle in the near future.

Capture your vision and ideas in a journal, or download our freestyle brainsparking template.

be inspired:

As you go through the week and address the daily challenges that crop up in your path, keep these five questions top of mind:

  • how would a pioneer approach this?
  • how could I be more pioneering?
  • what would be the most pioneering thing I could do?
  • what action would a pioneer take next?
  • what would a pioneer be focusing on right now?

"There has to be this pioneer, the individual who has the courage, the ambition to overcome the obstacles that always develop when one tries to do something worthwhile, especially when it is new and different."

Alfred P. Sloan

be a pioneer ... #mybrainsparker


Take a photo, write a short quote or poem, create a doodle or make something that represents the focus for this week.


Post this on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc and add the hashtag #mybrainsparker.

Let's see what our collective creativity comes up with!

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